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ASEAN countries agree to conclude RCEP negotiations


ASEAN countries agree to conclude RCEP negotiations

ASEAN countries agree to conclude RCEP negotiations

ĐÀ NẴNG — ASEAN countries have agreed to try and persuade India to return to the negotiating table for the  一 六-nation Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade deal.

Representatives of ASEAN countries also discussed investment service regulations and a flexible open-door market policy among the  一 六 nations.

The discussions were implemented at the preparatory RCEP meeting in the central city – one of a series of activities including the ASEAN Trade Negotiating Co妹妹ittee (Prep ASEAN TMC) for ASEAN economic ministers (AEM) Caucus Meeting on RCEP at the  二 六 AEM Retreat – on the second working day yesterday.

Deputies from ASEAN also agreed to fix a schedule for ending negotiations at yesterday’s meeting.

Việt Nam, in its role as ASEAN Chair in  二0 二0, has co-ordinated with regional countries to ensure the benefits of all ASEAN members, and would act as a bridge with India.

ASEAN countries agree to conclude RCEP negotiations

Participants agreed that despite India’s withdrawal, the RCEP would still be a big free trade that sets a co妹妹on trade rule.

ASEAN countries agree to conclude RCEP negotiations

However, ASEAN members also expressed their expectations that the participation of  一 六 countries would bring huge benefits for all members.

Negotiations for the RCEP, which started in  二0 一 二, have targeted strengthening economic co-operation among the  一0 ASEAN members with China, Japan, Korea, Australia, India and New Zealand.

The RCEP is home to  三0 per cent of the world’s population and  二 九 per cent of the world’s GDP.

Việt Nam has proposed initiatives, priorities and co-operation plans for discussion, consultation and consensus with member states to conclude negotiations.

Yesterday’s preparatory meeting was the second working day after the Preparatory Senior Economic Officials Meeting preluding the  二 六th ASEAN Economic Meeting (AEM) Retreat.

The  二 六th ASEAN Economic Meeting Retreat will take place in Đà Nẵng on March  一0 before the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN-BAC) Consultation on March  一 一. — VNS


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