Here is How to Succeed With vTraffic Rush


Getting a Great Start

Viral Traffic Rush is a marketing system that can do you well if worked in the proper manner.

To get more information on the system visit here, because I do not want to spend too much time on that.

This post is primarily for current members on my team but even if you are new to VTR, feel free to grab these tips.

​Since vTraffic Rush is driven by a viral concept, as a member you want to create momentum as soon as you can. Once you develop that pipeline you will receive an un-capped number of impressions to your ads; which will ultimately turn into conversions. The following tips will show you how to get that good foundation.

Get In!

After joining vTraffic Rush get into the Ad Pool with haste. This is a co-operative in which the member who chooses to join gets shares of a bunch of traffic benefits. While joining VTR is free, admission into the Ad Pool is not. All funds collected for the pool goes towards some serious traffic packages provided courtesy of the site’s administrator.

​”Serious” meaning millions of eager website visitors.

Hopefully you are true-blue about your business and is not repulsed by the idea of investing money into it. I will tell you this, though. As of the publishing time of this post it has been three months since I got into the pool. Within the first 10 days I saw my first referral. This person upgraded to a Pro Membership.


I took those same earnings to get back into the pool. Within the following week I saw my next referral; a couple of days later another upgraded. I keep rinsing and repeating and my organization is exploding. Lose the fear of investing money into your business and you will see dividends. Just don’t spend profits. Use them to stay in the vTraffic Rush Ad Pool.

Keep it 1,000!

If you are a seasoned marketer, of course, you know you ought to be tracking. If you are new to the business start tracking your advertising efforts soon. Tracking is important for many reasons, however, in this case we need to know the number of hits landing on your VTR affiliate page/s.

​If you want success in vTraffic Rush you must establish at least 1,000 daily visitors to your site – unique ones. A good URL tracking tool will indicate the number of unique visitors. In addition to volume it will also help to know where your conversions are coming from; this way you can spend more time at that particular ad source.

​I have to mention that maintaining this particular goal may be the most challenging. After all, this requires discipline and consistency. An excellent start would be to get your vTraffic Rush pages in the top traffic exchanges. I use these as a basis in traffic generation. I then build other forms around it. Be sure to pace yourself daily with traffic exchanges and don’t burn yourself out. 

The idea in traffic exchanges is to brand yourself. It should become the norm for a prospect to see your face (or VTR page) in several exchanges. 


As referrals begin to join your own team, actually sponsor them. Reach out, provide resources, and help them get into profit. This works surprisingly well, folks. You may be tempted to think selfishly and only focus on the promotion of your own vTraffic Rush pages. I can assure you that your team will grow slower this way. Pay it forward! Accept the cliche – it puts money in your pocket. 

The administrators at VTR has made it simple for you to grow. In your back office the links of your personal referrals are visible. You have the opportunity to copy these so that you can promote on the behalf of your team members. I would recommend that you start a URL rotator for your team. When they join you add them to your rotator; and don’t forget to promote it. 

The beauty of this is your ads will appear on the pages of your referrals. So even when you are promoting your team member’s pages, your ads still get impressions. In addition, as your personal referrals build up their organization they will find themselves in profit. This will in turn encourage your personal referrals to use the system more frequently.

Why walk away from a cash cow? 

Your Thoughts?

Of course, you don’t have to follow these tips. I’m only sharing with you what is still working for me. Step out on faith and invest in your vTraffic Rush system. Promote it daily and strive for 1,000 unique visitors. Get some traction going with traffic exchanges, but gradually expand through social media or offline marketing.

Lastly, don’t forget your team. Their success becomes yours. ​Fee free to share with us some of your tips to success with vTraffic Rush. Comments are open.

Author: Kevin Timothy

Kevin has a long time fascination with entrepreneurship, marketing, and passive income. When the related comes to mind, he shares it. With a no-fluff approach, Kevin shows others that financial freedom is attainable - despite of their background. He focuses on prospecting and traffic generation via digital marketing. Feel free to comment, push back, or even disagree below. Thank you!

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