Local Business Listings: Why do you need to build citations?

I was first introduced to this marketing strategy in 2009 when I was a fully committed eBay seller. At the time I was looking for ways to further expand my store’s reach. Then, I was totally aware of how busy eBay’ organic traffic was. What I completely overlooked was my local traffic. Since I was selling tangible products I wanted to include potential customers from my metropolitan area.

In comes citations (or local business listings). These simple “business profiles” can do marvels for your search engine optimization, placing your brick and mortar business in front the eyes of thousands – perhaps within weeks. The following article goes into detail about business citations.

Local Business Listings: Why Do You Need to Build Citations?

Author: Kevin Timothy

Kevin has a long time fascination with entrepreneurship, marketing, and passive income. When the related comes to mind, he shares it. With a no-fluff approach, Kevin shows others that financial freedom is attainable - despite of their background. He focuses on prospecting and traffic generation via digital marketing. Feel free to comment, push back, or even disagree below. Thank you!

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