Best Practices for Email Marketers and Email Newbies

Personally this was the toughest aspect of online marketing to master. Wow! I used to spend so much time over analyzing the sales copy in my email marketing campaigns. Aside from attaining the best open and click-through rates, I also had to worry about the type (and nature) of the content in the email. This was classic paralysis via overthinking. In the following article you’ll get some mysteries cleared up about effective email marketing. Check it out.

Email Length Best Practices for Email Marketers and Email Newbies

Author: Kevin Timothy

Kevin has a long time fascination with entrepreneurship, marketing, and passive income. When the related comes to mind, he shares it. With a no-fluff approach, Kevin shows others that financial freedom is attainable - despite of their background. He focuses on prospecting and traffic generation via digital marketing. Feel free to comment, push back, or even disagree below. Thank you!

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