Is SEO Dead in 2020?

Is SEO Dead in 2020

Webmasters have long suspected that search engine optimization is becoming extinct. With the dawn of a new decade the suspicion has intensified – is SEO dead in 2020? I used to find this laughable considering how vast the internet is. Then I read the following article:

Is SEO Dead in 2020?

Though the data supports a bright future for SEO, various research groups have backed the hysteria with some decent reasoning. I don’t know about you but I’m not yet abandoning this tried and true marketing method. My tactics may adjust a bit to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms, though. Do you maintain a website for your business? What are some of your SEO strategies?

Author: Kevin Timothy

Kevin has a long time fascination with entrepreneurship, marketing, and passive income. When the related comes to mind, he shares it. With a no-fluff approach, Kevin shows others that financial freedom is attainable - despite of their background. He focuses on prospecting and traffic generation via digital marketing. Feel free to comment, push back, or even disagree below. Thank you!

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