12 Video Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2020

12 Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

I have a couple of vital questions. Typically, how long do you make your content where video marketing is concerned? Do you know which day of the week you’ll get the best engagement for your videos?

Way back in 2005, a particular search engine unveiled the behemoth as we know today as YouTube. Ironically, it seems as though that it’s only now businesses are implementing video marketing.

If you occupied the bandwagon before it became trendy, great! But not everyone had the foresight to get on early. The good news is the future of video marketing looks bright. At least, this is what I gathered from the following article.

Check it out, and as always please share your comments.

12 Video Marketing Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

Author: Kevin Timothy

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