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The Author

Kevin Timothy

Kevin J. Timothy is an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer with over 16 years of experience. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Kevin spent many years in the Tampa Bay area working hard for another man’s plan.

After having an economical epiphany in 2008, Kevin began to aggressively pursue financial independence. He realized that attempting to duplicate the template of millions added up to nil.

It was in 2008 (and during the aftermath of the depression) when he came to the conclusion that the majority of individuals are conditioned from birth. From the time one leaves the womb of their mother they are taught to mount the hamster wheel. A child is taught to overachieve academically in elementary, middle, and high school.

This is usually for the sole purpose of being accepted into the best university. From there, the young adult is encouraged to do the same thing at the college level. Graduation comes and at this point, the prime motive is hope to be hired – by a millionaire.

Quite the suspect plan, considering that even with college credentials one may never own their time. One may hold a Masters degree along with a $82,000 salary, however, the owner of that company owns that graduate’s time. What a raw deal!

Kevin firmly believes that since the nation was built by entrepreneurs, future generations should focus on duplicating that. The economic balance is absurdly lop-sided. There are far too many individuals searching for (and relying on) jobs, and not enough wanting to create them. This encapsulates the vision behind this website – to liberate others from the employee mentality.

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