​Kevin J. Timothy is a father, US Army Veteran, and native of Trinidad and Tobago. Although he was born in the West Indies, Tampa Bay, Florida is where he spent most of his life.

Kevin has been in the home business industry since 2008 and has acquired many skills in return. As a result, he now teaches others how to create passive income by using the power of the internet.

There are some key points that must be noted in regards to his motivation. Like millions of Americans (at the time), Kevin prioritized the needs of employers. He blindly participated in the rat race only to ultimately help a billionaire CEO attain his/her dream.

Then the ’09 economic crisis hit. By the grace of God he wasn’t turned upside down on any type of real estate properties. But after witnessing all the tear-jerker media interviews that ensued, he had an epiphany.

Something had to change!

​​It was then when Kevin realized that corporations are not concerned at all. They protect company officers, board members, and share holders; not the employee.

​They are not concerned with the single mom in a financial job mecca like Atlanta. They can care less about the blue-collar Midwesterner that previously invested a few decades of his life to that Indiana factory. Kevin wondered why so many individuals are content with giving an employer so much leverage.

After 2009, it was a wrap. His mentality morphed. He is now a firm believer in the fact that time is much more valuable than money. He believes that there is also a terrible imbalance in the economy. There are few entrepreneurs and job creators, and too many job seekers.

​Kevin uses this website to help re-shift the paradigm. After all, wasn’t the nation built on an entrepreneurial spirit?