7 Simple Ways to Generate Traffic for Your Website

The home business industry is growing, and it’s spreading fast. Many families are following the trend for reasons such as a crippled economy, domestic commitments, or just not wanting to commute each day.

While the industry is promising, a large percentage of home business owners can’t seem to figure out one thing. Most just don’t know how to generate traffic for their websites.

Regardless of what you may have heard, internet traffic is the primary ingredient to achieve success.

Now getting more traffic to your websites isn’t as easy as you may think. To get the results you seek it is going to take either time or money; maybe even a little of both. There are pay sources all over the internet claiming to teach you how to generate traffic, but can you trust them? Maybe, maybe not. Some people mean well, while some can care less.

Either way it’s going to cost you time. Luckily you managed to find this page. I am going to use my 10+ years of experience in the home business industry to share with what has worked for me. The following list will give you some ideas to get more visitors to your website; without having to break the bank.

1.Business Cards

You can drive more traffic to your website with this age old tool. Vista Print constantly has promotions where you can get hundreds of free cards; all you pay for is the shipping. I sometimes prefer to use a more local approach with Chubby Flyers. I’m all for small business! Order a batch with your web address on it and feel free to use these business card marketing strategies.

2. Road Signs

Knowing how to generate traffic sometimes requires creativity. Just like those yard sale signs you see on Saturday, make one with your domain on it. Provoke curiosity by keeping your message brief.

When you’re ready for a more refined look, seek out a hardware store for a vinyl sign, a stencil, and maybe spray paint or a Sharpie. When profits allow, order a professional sign from one of the resources in tip #1.

3. Classified Ad Boards

You can create free online traffic by using popular sites like Craigslist, A-Z Ad Board, Oodle, and Hoobly. CL charges these days but many of these are free. But NEVER shy away from “paid” forms of traffic generation. The trick with this type of advertising is that you must implement SEO strategies and post consistently. Start with posting one per day.

4. Expand Your Brand

I cannot emphasize on this enough – learn how to blog. Blogging can be more than just a fad or hobby. In fact, you open another channel of traffic to your online business by simply launching one. Most blogging platforms are free to join and easy to use. Don’t just maintain your company site. A blog is usually more interactive with customers and you can link each site together. This very act is a huge plus for your overall SEO.

5. Swap Traffic for Traffic

Ever heard of a traffic exchange? Use them! Next to word of mouth, it’s one of the least expensive forms of advertising out there. These exchanges allow the owners of websites to show “a site for a site.” You watch mine and I’ll watch yours. For each one you watch, you earn a set number of credits which you can later use to advertise your site. Unless you purchase credits, traffic exchanges can be time consuming, though.

Click here to see the top five traffic exchanges this week!

6. Safelists

Safelists are similar to traffic exchanges in that you must earn credits to generate traffic. Another similarity is that you can purchase credits. The main difference with safelists is that instead of the “inside a forum” feel of a traffic exchange, the opportunity to earn credits go right into your email’s inbox. There are many safelists to choose from. They’re free, but dedicate a separate email address for them. This revolutionary safelist eliminates the need for a dedicated inbox.

7. Implement Amazon and eBay

Amazon and eBay are very passive ways to generate traffic; just register for an account! If you already have one, be sure to fill out your profiles completely. Since you probably already shop online you may as well use these high ranking sites to create more traffic. When editing your Amazon profile there is a place to display your website. On Ebay, take the extra time to create your “About Me” page. In addition to individual listings, you can add links and HTML banners there (About Me) also.

*Hint* These retail giants have built-in social networking. Make use of their commenting features and definitely write product reviews regularly.

Check how these sites rank worldwide!


Always remember that knowing how to generate traffic doesn’t require much money. There are many inexpensive and free ways. You just have to be resourceful and creative. For your advertising to be effective, however, you most certainly have to be consistent and targeted. Make it a part of your daily regiment to get traffic to your website, and you will see changes in your bottom line.

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