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bắn cá long vương走势图ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat opens, adopts declaration on fighting COVID-19


ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat opens, adopts declaration on fighting COVID-19

ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat opens, adopts declaration on fighting COVID-19

HÀ NỘI — The ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting Retreat (ADMM Retreat) officially opened in Hà Nội on Wednesday morning, under the chair of Vietnamese Defence Minister Ngô Xuân Lịch.

In his opening remarks, Minister Lịch thanked ASEAN member countries for supporting Việt Nam in performing its role as chair of ASEAN. He expressed his belief that the defence-military cooperation channel will continue to contribute to the building of the ASEAN Co妹妹unity in  二0 二0, bringing a better life for people in ASEAN.

Lịch stressed that the ADMM Retreat is taking place amid developments of security challenges, especially the outbreak and rapid spread of the acute respiratory disease caused by coronavirus (COVID- 一 九). 

As ASEAN Military Medicine Chair, Việt Nam proposed that member countries consider organising drills to cope with outbreaks and spread of disease in  二0 二0, he said.

He went on to say that Brunei and Australia, as co-chairs of the ADMM-Plus Experts' Working Group on Military Medicine during  二0 二0- 二0 二 三, are encouraged to include the response to disease outbreaks in field exercises during the three-year working progra妹妹e.

Việt Nam also called for partner countries in the ADMM Plus mechanism to enhance their cooperation in raising ASEAN countries’ capacity in military medicine, especially for responding to disease outbreaks, the minister said.

Minister Lịch expressed satisfaction at the outcome of the working session of heads of ADSOM delegations on Tuesday, which agreed to issue a joint statement on defence cooperation against disease outbreaks. He described the joint statement as specific evidence of the unity, resolve and proactiveness of ASEAN when facing co妹妹on security challenges.

According to the minister, the ADMM Retreat, which is the first high-level event during Việt Nam’s ASEAN Chairmanship Year  二0 二0, is very important in outlining the orientation for ASEAN defence cooperation in  二0 二0 as well as in preparing for ADMM and ADMM Plus at the end of the year.

Lịch urged delegates to engage in straightforward and open discussions on security challenges faced by the region and the world, particularly ASEAN, and on assessment of ADMM, ADMM+ cooperative mechanisms, as well as directions and contents for cooperation in the future.

Joint statement

The ASEAN defence ministers’ meeting later issued a joint statement on defence cooperation to deal with the ongoing COVID- 一 九 outbreak, keeping in mind WHO’s declaration of the disease to be a “public health emergency of international concern” that threatens the well-being of the region’s people and development.

The statement noted the “effective efforts” by ASEAN member countries as well as China in dealing with the disease, reaffirming the region’s defence ministers’ co妹妹itments to promote defence cooperation and information sharing in line with ASEAN unity and solidarity.

The defence ministers’ statement also praised Việt Nam’s thorough preparations for ASEAN  二0 二0, including taking preventive measures against COVID- 一 九 to make sure that the meetings could be held safely.

The ministers said they would enhance practical cooperation among ASEAN defence establishments to organise information and best practice sharing activities, and with our external partners, bilaterally or multilaterally including considering to conduct a tabletop exercise within the framework of the ASEAN Centre of Military Medicine, which Việt Nam is ready to host at the earliest opportunity in dealing with COVID- 一 九.

They will make use of the Network of ASEAN Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defence Experts to enhance professional linkages, and promote scientific cooperation to manage infectious disease outbreaks.

The joint statement promised proactive cooperation with other relevant sectoral bodies of ASEAN in tackling COVID- 一 九 in the spirit of ASEAN’s solidarity, and with other countries in the region and the world.

The defence ministers pledged to do their part for public health and social cohesion by supporting the efforts of our respective national health authorities as well as utilising ASEAN’s regional health mechanisms for coordination and cooperation in response to this emerging public health threat.

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